Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I Haven’t Curled Before?
Answer: No Problem! Lakeshore is unique in offering a New Curler League. This league is a teaching league and runs every Wednesday evening at 8:30pm.We also make Group Clinics and Private Lessons available throughout the year for a very reasonable price.

Question: Do I Need Special Equipment?
Answer: Nothing Expensive! Loose Fitting Pants, a Light Jacket and/or Sweatshirt, Mitts or Gloves, Clean Sneakers, a Gripper & Slider, and a Curling Brush. You will find all the gear you need in our Pro Shop.

Question: What if I Don’t Have a Team?
Answer: Leave it to Us! Team and Partial Team Entries are accepted, but most curlers register individually. This gives everyone a chance to meet new people, which is a big part of what Lakeshore is all about!