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Club News

AGM 2023: Club updates

We're buying new rocks! 

At the 2023 AGM we announced purchase of new rocks for all sheets. Now, in addition to the great Lakeshore ice we all love, we'll also have top quality curling stones. The rocks are on order from Kays Scotland and autumn delivery is expected. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our New Rocks committee, which includes

  • Laughie Rutt
  • John Chisholm
  • Dan Leslie
  • Steven Galloway

The team has been working hard at fund raising through club, commerical, and government channels, and we applaud their hard work. Later in 2023 they will be announcing opportunities for further club support, including rock handle engraving. Stay tuned!

LCC Board Membership Changes

Also announced at the 2023 AGM were several board changes.

  • Treasurer: Jolena Rafuse finished her term as treasurer, and she did a wonderful job. This role will be taken on by Grant Warner, we are delighted to welcome him to the board!
  • Junior Director: Mike Strang completed his term, and we are so grateful for his efforts in this role and all the other roles he has served in over the years. We welcome Daniel Bonner as the incoming Junior Director, and look forward to working with him!
  • Secretary: Les Macey is another member who has served the club in many capacities, and now he winds up his term as Secretary. Les Reid will take on this responsibility and we very much appreciate his willingness to invest his time!

Also completing their terms on the board were

  • Social Director: Ian Patrick was key in helping keep our various internal activities moving forward and thank him for his service!
  • Membership Director: Kourtney Rogers served as membership director, and we are very grateful for her efforts!
  • Social Media Director: Stephen Melanson did an amazing job with social media posting, and we much appreciate his efforts.

LCC Board open positions: Help wanted!

As the Changes section above shows, some outgoing board members have been replaced but some positions remain open. Our club is just that: our club,  and we can pull together to make it better all the time! Please consider volunteering for one of the open board positions, and help make the club the best it can be.

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Lakeshore Curling is a six sheet curling club located in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia in the Halifax Metro Area. We are a members facility that offers Learn to Curl programs, Corporate rental events, and Junior, Adult, Senior & Wheelchair league play.